Job Application Tips & Tricks Workshop

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Anna Staats

"I am jobless."


People don't like to say it. Yet it is the reality of an ever-growing group of Dutch people. I was one of those people who lost her job because of the corona.


Took about an hour, then I jokingly sent my friends "Joeee, Toos Unemployed here, lost my job so follow me on Instagram where I'll be vlogging about life as an unemployed person". And that idea became a business plan. And that business plan became reality.


Because… being unemployed, how do you actually do that? And more importantly: how do you get rid of it?

Owner Toos Werkloos

Internship application tips & tricks: how to get an internship in times of a crisis?

Successfully applying for an internship (or job) can be challenging at any time, but in times of a crisis even more. What can you do to make sure you have done everything in your power to get that internship? The most important thing is making sure you stand out from the crowd.


Anna Staats has worked in HR and Recruitment for over 8 years and recently founded her own company in coaching people on how to successfully apply for jobs and internships. She will share her best tips & tricks on communicating your skills & qualities in an effective way and teach you how to distinguish yourself from other candidates.